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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We understand that private education comes at a sacrifice. Our goal is to provide families in need the opportunity to attend Venture Christian Academy. Financial Aid is provided to those families who desire to attend VCA and can demonstrate a financial need.

Financial Aid
Application Process

The Financial Aid process is separate from the admissions process.  Only students admitted to Venture Christian Academy will be eligible to apply for and receive financial aid.  We recommend families complete both the financial aid application and the admissions application simultaneously (prior to the deadline).

To be considered for financial aid, a student must be in good standing in both academics and citizenship.  When applying for aid, it is important to consider the complete cost of attending Venture Christian Academy. Financial aid covers 5-50% of the total tuition cost and is only applicable towards tuition. Fees not included (ie. enrollment fees, application fees (new students), athletic fees, field trips, etc.).

Application process is via VCA’s third-party evaluation partner, FACTS.  Families will submit all requested documents and information through FACTS.  This application should be carefully reviewed for accuracy and completeness.  Incomplete applications or those not adhering to the posted deadlines will not be considered.

Financial aid application deadline is March 31st.  All financial aid applications are for consideration for the following school year.

Financial Aid
Application Steps

Submit your most recent Federal Income Tax return to FACTS, as per the instructions on the FACTS form by the specified deadline.

Complete FACTS form.  Describe any specific circumstances.  Include an explanation if your reported expenses exceed gross income.

To finalize application,
a face-to-face interview may be requested by the committee.

The above checklist must be completed by the deadline posted on our website.  Failure to do so will result in application being placed on a “further information required” list.  You will be informed of any missing items.  This may adversely affect the likelihood of receiving any financial aid for the upcoming school year.

Each student receiving financial aid is expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior and maintain good academic standing.  Financial aid is subject to review on academic or behavioral grounds at the end of each semester.

Ministry Partner

Our local ministries are valuable to Venture Christian Academy, and our desire is to support these families as we work together to further the kingdom.

Children of parents who are serving in full-time Christian ministry are offered partial tuition assistance. In order to qualify for a 30% discount, the student’s parent must be employed as a Pastor at a Christian church. The student must attend Venture Christian Academy full-time, have and maintain a minimum unweighted cumulative 2.5 GPA in core classes, and be in good standing in the school community. The discount applies to tuition only and is based on availability.

Please contact financialaid@ventureca.org for details.

Financial Aid FAQ’s

Question: What is the typical financial aid award for families that demonstrate need?

Answer: Typically, VCA financial aid awards average between 5-20% of the total tuition cost but can be as high as 50% depending on the circumstances.

Question: Can financial aid be applied to the full cost of education and programming for the year?

Answer: No, financial aid is ONLY applicable towards tuition.  Enrollment fees, application fees (new students), athletics, field trips, etc are all part of total annual educational costs in addition to tuition.

Question: When will we find out the result of our application and what we’ve been awarded?

Answer: Returning families will receive their financial aid award by April/May timeframe.

Question: Who should I call if I have questions about the FACTS financial aid application?

Answer: Contact the FACTS Customer Service Center directly by calling 1.866.441.4637

Question: How is a financial aid award determination made?

Answer: Once FACTS and Venture Christian Academy both receive your financial aid application, the Financial Aid Committee will use a FACTS standard calculation to make an assessment called the “FACTS Determined Need & Family Tuition Contribution”.  These are estimated dollar amounts based on calculations done by FACTS.  The Financial Aid Committee uses those amounts as a starting point from which to determine a potential financial aid award, subject to the total amount of financial aid available and # of qualified applications for each school year.

Question: What if we have special circumstances that the committee should take into consideration?

Answer: Any special circumstances should be written (qualitatively) in the notes section of the online FACTS application for the committee to consider

Question: Do we have to apply for financial aid each year

Answer: Yes.  You must reapply every year for financial aid and your award will be adjusted based on changes in your family’s financial situation as well as the amount of financial aid available.

Question: How much financial aid is available to distribute to families each year?

Answer: The amount varies year to year and is based on a variety of factors including but not limited to fund-raising support for financial aid, budget priorities and school/church investment initiatives.

Question: I have additional questions about this process.  Who may I contact?

Answer: Please reach out to financialaid@ventureca.org and a member of our team will respond.