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Virginia Holden

About Me

WHY LGCS: I enjoy hearing how different students approach and explain concepts recognizing there is more than one way to solve/reach a solution. I like to challenge students to reach their potential wherever it may be. I delight when the light bulb goes on in a student’s head (moment they understand). I wish to make learning fun and let students know they can achieve and do anything they set their minds to do. I relish the variety and making a difference by helping them see the connection between what they are learning and their lives. I cherish seeing students grow (spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically, physically).

EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science and teaching credential from San Jose State; working at Los Gatos since 2000 in various capacities – teacher, aide, coach

HOBBIES: Love all things SNOOPY, volleyball, logic and math challenges, board and card games, sudoku and brain teasers

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: Footprints in the Sand; Philippians 4:8

INTERESTING FACTS: married with 4 adult children, parent of Los Gatos for 9 years – children graduated from Los Gatos